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Ice Storm Cleanup

Mayor Mike Allison met with a number of city staff members today at 1:00 p.m. to assess the progress that the city crews have had in removing tree limbs from the streets in the city. The crews have also been busy in cleaning up and making safe our various parks and publicly owned properties.  City staff has been working to get as much done in these areas as possible to assure the safety of our citizens so that we could determine what further steps the city needs to take relating to clean up for the community.

Mayor Allison stated his sincere appreciation to all of those citizens who have worked hard to clean up their properties and remove the debris left by the recent storm.  We continue to urge you to clean up your properties and take the limbs to the city compost site. The compost site will be staffed by city employees this weekend to assure that there is room for the limbs to be dropped off.  Again, many citizens have been proactive and for that we are greatly appreciatively.

In light of the meeting today, it was decided that the city would help those who are not able to take their limbs to the compost site. Beginning at 8:00 a.m. Wednesday, January 25th city employees will begin picking up limbs from properties that were unable to get the limbs to the compost site. These stacks should not be on driveways or sidewalks so our crews will not be causing damage to driveways or sidewalks.Please do not stack the limbs in the streets. Our crews feel that we will have our public properties and streets safely secured by January 25th.

We will begin pickup from the east end and west end of the city and work our way to the middle of the city. We will not come on private property.  The limbs should be cut into lengths not greater than 8 feet and stacked in the same direction parallel to the curb.  If there is any trash in the limb pile, the pile will not be removed and will be the responsibility of the property owner.  We will not retrace our steps and will go through each street only once.

We are trying to be as efficient and effective as possible. Mayor Allison states that our city crews had other obligations that were already planned. By doing this some of these obligations will be pushed back and will be done at a later time. That will cause our crews to be playing catch up on their regular activities for some time in the future.

Director of Public Lands Scott Keeler and Public Works Director Charlie Suchy will take the lead in the pick up efforts. Scott may be contacted at 792-9546 and Charlie may be contacted at 793-4150. Again, the city appreciates all of the great work many of our citizens have made to clean up the community.

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